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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Golden Chain Highway.

Red Mera Vintage Red Mera Vintage Red Mera Vintage
Red Mera Vintage
Asos blazer (similar here and here), vintage slip dress, vintage/market finds rings,  DIY chain nose ring, vintage DIY studded boots (similar here)
Not so long ago I met someone new who thought I looked very familiar, not really thinking about it, I told him I was a Bollywood actress... I'm not. Why would I say that? Probably because I was a little drunk but mostly because I'm a bit of a weirdo who thought it was funny. Anywho, he was convinced and I played my alter ego for a couple of hours. I did end up revealing that I was not who I claimed to be by the end of the night, luckily we share the same sense of humor and he thought it was completely hilarious! A good night was had and a funny story created. It also led to the natural progression of wearing traditional Indian jewelry with my daily outfits. I'm into it.



  1. Love your boots and your chain nose ring!

    Théa Unknown

  2. Beautiful outfit... Love the nose chain, though I can't quite work it out. Sophie x